Of Earth And Men

by When Ashes Are Rising

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released April 18, 2017

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Delio Soro (SOUNDSLIKEKONG Music)
Artwork by Emanuele Gutierrez
All lyrics and music by When Ashes Are Rising
Solo and outro section in Extinction by Zack Cignetti (Tomorrowillbeworse)



all rights reserved


When Ashes Are Rising Sassari, Italy

"You are lost if you forget that the fruits of the earth belong to all and the earth to no one!” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Track Name: Gaia's Revenge (Feat. xZEDx)
Innocence dies in a system
where human supremacy stains everything.
Exploitation and destruction,
rape and suffering just for the profit.
Gaia's Revenge.
Money prevails over empathy
man lives with two fucking demons:
an inner one, the sense of emptiness
an outer one, capitalism.
Gaia is preparing for revenge
'cause it cannot stand pain and abuse anymore.
The wind, the sea, the sky, the life
The wind and the sea, the sky and the life, a new life.
It will all return to its primordial state.
Track Name: W.A.A.R.
When Ashes are Rising.
I used to watch you walk among the trees
while they offered you their fruits
and now I see you abuse each other
in this system you created.
You live on materialism
the true richness of the soul
you forget you erected
physical and mental cages
in a world with no borders
has this eternal misery killed your compassion?
I think it's time to begin again
without you my son
from your capitalistic civilization
death arises.
From the ashes of your system
new life is born.
Forgive me my son, the day has come.
When Ashes are Rising.
Track Name: Dust Diamonds (Feat. Blasi of Strength Approach)
The day will come, the fog will suffocate
and turn us into fucking ash
from which the Earth will rise
finding its balance again
while we are forever dust.
We were born as precious children of Earth.
We are diamonds. Diamonds with no eternity.
We are greedy children and our never ending
hunger will consume us.
We won't cherish the beauty of the sky.
We were born as precious children of Earth
we are diamonds.
We are diamonds under the sky
until it crashes down on us
and that day is nigh.
Track Name: Extinction
The system collapses on itself
after centuries of human instability
man had everything he needed
but selfishness swept away everything.
After the extinction, in the name of progression.
The scream, the suffering of the Earth
the pain, the suffering of the Earth
what you call extinction I call a new beginning
The end of human being is not the end of the Earth
that withstands the fall of man to start again
I don't care I am not part of it
We had our chance but we were greedy.
After the extinction, in the name of progression.
New wind, new sea, new sky, new life.
Track Name: After Tomorrow
The Earth after tomorrow.
The sky is worn after falling down crushing everything
with his weight
seeking revenge after centuries of hatred, centuries of hatred.
Oceans reflect the color of the sky
they speak of emptiness and nowhere there's life.
The lands are bare, the rain hurts the lands
they tolerate that pain
Exhausted by the human exploitation
from which now they're finally free.
Animals still breathe
with blood in their eyes
and trees die, collapsing on themselves
uprooted from the ground, from the fucking ground.
Track Name: Life Will Find A Way
Our sacrifice was inevitable
but filling the void of a loss is hard
for she lost her children
and is left alone to cry.
They raped her, robbed her
she fed them anyway to sustain their reigns.
They raped her, robbed her
she fed them anyway, life will find a way.
A deafeaning silence all over the earth
deprived of her diamonds
'till skies were stormy and oceans empty
empty like we the diamonds used to be.
Now she lays down on our ashes
looking for light through the ruins, the ruins.
When everything seems lost
she sees a flower
her purest child, the new life.
Start again from the ashes
that will rise
and Earth will too.